5-Step Business Networking Roadmap

  • Choose the Right Events

    Should you attend a chamber event or join a networking group? Learn how to spot events where you can meet the right people

  • Meet the Right People

    How do you know who will introduce you to real opportunities and who will just waste your time? We'll show you a straightforward approach to meeting the right people

  • Strengthen Relationships

    Our step-by-step process to develop trust and become more referrable

  • Follow Up Effectively

    How do you follow up without annoying people? By following up about them! What? We'll show you what we mean...

  • Give Professional Referrals

    "I gave them your contact information" isn't a referral. We'll show you the right way to make referrals so that people will be inspired to give referrals to you...

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Choose the Right Events

    • Worksheet - Choose the Right Events

    • Video - Choose the Right Events

  • 02

    Meet the Right People

    • Worksheet - Meet the Right People

    • Video - Meet the Right People

  • 03

    Strengthen Your Relationships

    • Worksheet - Strengthen Your Relationships

    • Video - Strengthen Your Relationships

    • Follow up with 3 people (Email Script)

    • Icebreaker Questions

    • Circle of Trust

  • 04

    Follow Up Effectively

    • Video - Follow Up Effectively

  • 05

    Give Professional Referrals

    • Video - Give Professional Referrals

    • Co-Introductory Email Script

    • Possible Lead for You Script

Business Networking Roadmap