How much follow up is too much?

Let's just say that if you call me every hour on the hour with a new legitimate lead for my business...

I'll take your call every time!

In fact, I'll clear my schedule.

So it's not the frequency or the channel that makes follow up annoying.

It's the content.

Yet so many people reach out by email

... then connect on LinkedIn

... then leave a voice message

... and then complain that they're STUCK.

As though the reason they're being ignored is because they can't think of yet another way to reach out.

A prospect reached out to me a few months ago.

Remember - she reached out to me.

I left her several messages and sent her several emails.

No response.

What?!?! She had called me, right?

So I sent her my "Disappearing Prospect" email.

She called me back within the hour.

I sent her a proposal, and once again didn't hear back for days.

So I used my "No Response" technique and she emailed me back immediately with tons of information about where I was in the process of getting approved.


I recently shared my "Coffee Meeting Email" with a client.

He was getting zero responses to his introductory email.

We shortened it and added a call to Action, then followed up using my "No Response" technique, and the contact responded quickly and in a positive manner to the ask.

In this webinar I'm going to cover those three techniques:

1. Disappearing Prospect

2. Vanishing Proposal

3. Coffee Meeting Email

Plus, I will work individually with you to re-write one of your follow up emails.

Prospects not getting back to you?

Having trouble getting people to respond to your email?

I guarantee if you use these techniques on 5 people, at least one will get back to you.

Or your money back.

Get started now

Here's what's included:

One hour webinar recording where I cover techniques for disappearing prospects, no response to your email, and setting up coffee meetings
(optional) Private coaching with me to re-write one of your follow up emails
Money-back guarantee

I look forward to working with you!
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How much follow up is too much?

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Effective Follow Up Video Training
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    • Effective Follow Up Video Training
  • 02
    Effective Follow Up Scripts
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    • [Email] When Someone Stops Returning Your Calls
    • [Phone] When Someone Stops Returning Your Calls
    • [Email] When You've Called Them Every Friday at 2pm
    • [Email] That Always Gets a Response
    • [Phone] Call That Always Gets Returned
    • [Email] Set Up a 1-on-1
    • [Email] Checking In
    • [Email] Individual Invite to be a Guest at a Paid Program

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