Elevator Pitch Handbook (PDF)

The Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Conversations

The Room Buzzes with Energy

There's Opportunity in Every Conversation

And armed with your new Elevator Pitch you’re never at a loss for words.

There’s a whole new way of talking about what you do. It’s not salesy. It’s not braggy. It’s personable and genuine and authentic. It’s you. The engaging and memorable you.

The Experience Trap

Most people have never experienced the true joy of talking about what they do. Because they’ve been led to believe that after 30 seconds of describing their vast experience and extensive set of skills, they’ll get a new customer, or a new job, or someone to fund their latest venture. If only it worked that way…

The Truth about Trust

See, there’s no way to create that kind of instant trust from only 45 words. It’s just not possible. Which is why so many people describe business networking as “frustrating” and a “waste of time.” And it gets worse.

Leap Frog

All the well-meaning people who tell you to “tailor your Elevator Pitch to your audience” aren’t familiar with the way trust actually works. What happens is, every time you change your Elevator Pitch, people have to figure out what you do all over again. All the good will you’ve built up vanishes. All the trust disappears. You start again from square one. No wonder most people have never experienced business networking at its best.

Destroy This Book

I want you to print out this book, then pull out pages 52 and 58. Put them on the desk next to the book so you can roll up your sleeves and actually work through the exercises. Scribble ideas in the margins. There are examples for insurance agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, life coaches, IT professionals, and more. Highlight the examples that sound good to you. Then use the exercises to come up with one that's uniquely yours.

Proven Process

For years I ran the in-person Elevator Pitch Workshop. Then I figured out how to do an online version. How to provide that personalized workshop environment in a webinar format. Now I’ve condensed that 90 minute program into 60 pages. That’s right. Just sixty 5″ x 7″ pages. We’re not talking about weeks of work. Or even hours. In fact, I can usually get people to a brand new Elevator Pitch in just 10 minutes. More about that in a minute.

Battle Tested

We use proven templates and real world examples. Everything in the book went through my rigorous testing process. I don’t suggest it until I have tried it and several of my clients have tried it as well. This approach works.

Most Books Don’t Include a Guarantee

Most books don’t offer a guarantee, but most books don’t offer a tested and proven process for talking about what you do in a way that gets other people excited about what you do. It’s worth experiencing. So take 60 days. Just one catch. If you ship me back a new book, there’s no refund. Because this book doesn’t work if you read it. It’s a workshop. You have to do the work. You have to write down the exercises. You have to try it out at networking events.

But before you send me back a book with the pages ripped out, scribbles in the margins, and highlighter everywhere, two things.

First, you won’t want to. Because at that point, what’s in your book is valuable to you. You won’t want to part with it. You’ll want to keep it. So you can refer to it as you grow your business, advance your career, and expand your referral network. And second,

Group Coaching Webinar

Before you send it back to me, join me for a 37-minute webinar. That’s right. Sign up right now and you'll have access to our next "Elevator Pitch Q&A Webinar." We'll answer questions and work on your Elevator Pitch. It’s a really fun process, and I encourage you take advantage of it. Check out the content below to see the next webinar date.

Instant Access

So here’s the thing. You can buy a printed copy of this book, but then you have to wait for it to come in the mail.

So here’s your chance to get instant access to my book, a brand new Elevator Pitch that sounds like you and helps you meet the right people, and a group coaching webinar with me.

All for just $20.

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Exciting Results from Networking Events Near You

“I gave my new 30-Second Elevator Pitch at a networking event the other night, and two people approached me afterwards to invite me to do a presentation for their company. Thanks for your help!”
– Jack LaCava, Ace of Connections

“I was at a networking event the other night. It wasn’t a great event, but I was sitting next to a business coach who now wants to meet with me to learn how I can help her clients. Then I was talking to someone in the hall who knows someone who’s a perfect referral for me. It works!”
— Anne Pouch, Anne Pouch Web Design

You are unique and memorable

You just haven’t learned to express you passion in a way that makes people eager to talk to you.

We show you how. Step-by-Step.

Here's the table of contents:

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What's included?

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Andrew Winig
Andrew Winig
Elevator Pitch Coach

About the instructor

Conversation Starters

I'm an introvert who's started productive business conversations on ski lifts, at Rotary dinners, at Chamber of Commerce networking events, at my kids' play dates, and after keynote speeches.

I've also created awkward silences, run out of things to say, followed up with people who didn't remember meeting me, squandered some great opportunities, and thought that there must be a better way. 

A Passion for Teaching

As an introvert, I get it. Networking can be frustrating, and baffling, and a huge waste of time.

So I'm on a mission to fix all that. I've joined several chambers and a handful of networking groups. I've attended hundreds of events and interacted with thousands of people.

I've made all the mistakes, so you don't have to.

Let's get started...

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