Elevator Pitch Home Study Course

Differentiate yourself with an engaging 30-Second Elevator Pitch

I’m so excited to introduce the Elevator Pitch Home Study Course

This is my most favorite thing that I’ve ever created because it's helped so many people get better leads and make lots more sales with much less effort.

Core Training Module 1: Answering "What do you do"

If you don’t like talking to people then maybe you just need to learn a few key phrases and questions to start the conversation and then some simple ways to keep it going and move it to the next level.

This module also takes you step by step through how to describe what you do. It’s much easier than everyone believes, and using this worksheet you’ll come up with exactly what to say no matter what question you’re asked.

Core Training Module 2: Follow Up Effectively

This is the vital networking process. So many people fail and make a lot of mistakes thinking they can just show up at an event, say whatever comes to mind, and get instant results.

I show you which events to attend, the best way to use your time at the event, how business cards are supposed to be used, how to get out of awkward conversations, and how to figure out who’s wasting your time and who’s a really good connection for you.

This module includes the business networking strategy worksheet, and this is so critical to making the most effective use of your time. Just by bringing this sheet to an event and filling it out you’re ahead of so many other people.

Core Training Module 3: Introduce Yourself Memorably

This module is all about the 30-Second Elevator Pitch. This is really the kicker. I mean, if you can’t engage a room full of people all at once, it’s a lot slower making connections and attracting leads that lead to sales. So in this module I teach you how to market yourself to a room full of people.

Whether you attend chamber events or BNI meetings or meetup luncheons I show you how to do it. If you’ve been using an Elevator Pitch for years, we’ll show you how to make it even more productive. If you’re just getting started we take you step-by-step through developing each of the Three Elements of an Effective Elevator Pitch.

If you’re not sure what to say that will inspire a room full of people to run up to you and give you leads, then this module is for you.

Bonus Training Module 1: More Follow Up Techniques

This video is really powerful. Effective Follow Up is a whole different course I teach that I’m including in this program.

It shows you how to follow up without being annoying.

If you know you should be following up but don’t want to bother anyone, then this video alone will be worth your investment in this program.

Bonus Training Module 2: Effective 1-on-1's

If you haven’t heard of 1-on-1’s then you are getting maybe 10% of the value out of all your business networking efforts. In fact, if someone’s considering quitting a networking group I make run this process first. When they use this process they find so much hidden value in the other people in the group that they wouldn't even consider quitting.

We show you how to pick the right people to invite to a 1-on-1, when to schedule it, where to host it, what to say, and how to follow up afterwards.

Any of you who are part of any kind of networking group, this this is the most powerful and least understood technique for increasing referrals across your group.

Bonus Training Module 3: Strengthen Your Call to Action

What's missing from 99% of Elevator Pitches? A Call to Action. It’s what I stumbled upon during a luncheon at Vlora in Boston. Without knowing what I was doing I used a very powerful call to action and got 6 customers.

The Elevator Pitch is the first step in the networking process. The call to action is how you get people to the next step.

This is where almost every elevator pitch falls short. We'll help you decide who the right people are for you, and what you want them to do next.

As I mentioned, there are Worksheets for each of the Core Training Modules. Worksheets that I have tested and proven over many years while coaching people on their Elevator Pitch and Business Networking.

It also includes articles, the most popular ones I’ve written. 3 Signs your Elevator Pitch Works, What my 18 month old taught me about focusing my message. How to stand out in a crowd. What a stranger on the street taught me about the hidden value of my business network. And 7 compelling calls to action.

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What's included?

12 Videos
6 Texts
3 PDFs
Andrew Winig
Andrew Winig
Elevator Pitch Coach

About the instructor

Conversation Starters

I'm an introvert who's started productive business conversations on ski lifts, at Rotary dinners, at Chamber of Commerce networking events, at my kids' play dates, and after keynote speeches.

I've also created awkward silences, run out of things to say, followed up with people who didn't remember meeting me, squandered some great opportunities, and thought that there must be a better way. 

A Passion for Teaching

As an introvert, I get it. Networking can be frustrating, and baffling, and a huge waste of time.

So I'm on a mission to fix all that. I've joined several chambers and a handful of networking groups. I've attended hundreds of events and interacted with thousands of people.

I've made all the mistakes, so you don't have to.

Let's get started...

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