The Elevator Pitch Workshop

Master Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch | taught by Andrew Winig

Master Your Elevator Pitch!

Imagine knowing exactly what to say to inspire people to run up to you with quality leads.

No more trying to be as funny as the person who went before you.

No more wishing you had remembered to mention...

No more tailoring your Elevator Pitch to your audience.

Introducing Introduce Yourself Memorably.

The fastest way to an engaging 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

In this unique group coaching program I take you step-by-step through three easy exercises.

There's no homework.

Nothing to prepare.

In fact, it's best to arrive with a relaxed, clear, and open mind.

I'll show you how to use what you already know to be much more natural, authentic, and engaging.


We'll roll up our sleeves and develop your 30-Second Elevator Pitch right there on the call.

And the program includes a 30-minute, 1-on-1 follow up call with me.

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Andrew Winig
Andrew Winig
Elevator Pitch Coach

Conversation Starters

I'm an introvert who's started productive business conversations on ski lifts, at Rotary dinners, at Chamber of Commerce networking events, at my kids' play dates, and after keynote speeches.

I've also created awkward silences, run out of things to say, followed up with people who didn't remember meeting me, squandered some great opportunities, and thought that there must be a better way. 

A Passion for Teaching

As an introvert, I get it. Networking can be frustrating, and baffling, and a huge waste of time.

So I'm on a mission to fix all that. I've joined several chambers and a handful of networking groups. I've attended hundreds of events and interacted with thousands of people.

I've made all the mistakes, so you don't have to.

Let's get started...

Course Curriculum

Introduce Yourself Memorably
3 Steps to an Engaging 30-Second Elevator Pitch
Elevator Pitch Worksheet
The Complete Guide to the 30-Second Elevator Pitch
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