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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Live Q&A
    Show details
    • Q&A 004 LinkedIn for business networking, hiring "professional networkers," should you offer free services, what's the best way to differentiate
    • Q&A 003 Starting (and stopping) conversations, business cards, proving your expertise, and block that metaphor...
    • Q&A 002 who to connect with, why to avoid logical elevator pitches, how to stay motivated, and when are you done...
    • Q&A 001 vanishing referral sources, asking for referrals (not!), networking meetings, chambers of commerce...
  • 02
    Most Popular Programs
    Show details
    • Networking on a Tight Budget
    • Go Where Your Prospects Aren't
    • What Makes You Unique
    • Getting Great Leads from Bad Events
    • Maximize Your Chamber Membership
  • 03
    Developing Trust
    Show details
    • 3 Ways to Develop Trust
    • Follow Up Without Being Annoying
    • Give Professional Referrals
    • Getting Past the Gatekeepers
  • 04
    Stop Selling - Start Conversations
    Show details
    • Circle of Trust
    • Networking vs. Sales
    • Push And Pull
    • Flowers Chocolates and Champagne
    • Found Ya!
    • Q&A
  • 05
    Holiday Networking Tips
    Show details
    • Holiday Networking Tips
    • Gift of Networking
    • Networking at Parties
    • Networking Thank Yous
  • 06
    30-Second Elevator Pitch
    Show details
    • Develop a New 30 Second Elevator Pitch
    • Differentiate!
    • Strengthen Your Call to Action
    • Engaging Distracted Prospects
  • 07
    Conversational Elevator Pitch
    Show details
    • Conversation Starters
    • Stand Out in a Crowd
    • Advanced Conversational Techniques
  • 08
    Effective Follow Up
    Show details
    • How to Follow Up Without Being Annoying
    • Measuring Networking Results
    • Prepare, Pitch & Profit Business Networking Strategy Worksheet
  • 09
    Strengthen Relationships
    Show details
    • Effective 1-to-1's
    • Givers Gain is a Myth
  • 10
    Give Professional Referrals
    Show details
    • 3 Ways to Develop Trust
    • Who Can You Trust?
    • Relationship Secret Sauce
    • Holding People Accountable
    • Kicking People Out of Your Network
    • Developing Strong Relationships
    • Possible Lead for You Script
    • Co-Introductory Email Script
  • 11
    Chambers and Networking Groups
    Show details
    • Maximize Networking Group Results
    • Increase Attendance Office Hours
  • 12
    Social Media
    Show details
    • How to Use Social Media
    • LinkedIn for Business
  • 13
    Word-for-Word Scripts for Follow Up
    Show details
    • Email - Disappearing Prospect
    • Phone - Disappearing Prospect
    • Email to send when you've given up on calling someone every Friday at 2pm
    • The email that always gets a response (no kidding!)
    • The phone message that always gets returned (no kidding!)
    • Email - Coffee Meeting (1-to-1)
    • Email inviting one person to be a guest at a paid program
    • Email to send when you're checking in with someone (for any reason, or no reason at all...)
  • 14
    Speaking Engagements Best Practices
    Show details
    • Email to send to a Program Director You've Worked With Before
    • Email to send to a Program Director You've Never Met
    • Speaker Evaluation Form
    • Speaking Proposal Template
  • 15
    Show details
    • Creating a Networking Group for Job Seekers

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