Jun 25 - Drink More Coffee!

Virtual Business Networking Workshop

It's time to meet the right people.

The people who return your calls.

The people who send you leads.

The people who answer your questions.

The first step — DRINK MORE COFFEE!

Don’t worry. You don’t actually have to drink coffee if you don’t want to.

But you do have to sit down for what I call coffee meetings.

I’ll go through, step by step, how to decide:

  • Who to invite
  • When to invite them
  • How to deal with no shows (and non responses)
  • Where to meet
  • Who pays
  • How to start the conversation
  • How to know when you’re done
  • How to follow up without being annoying
  • How often to meet
  • Who will be your best referral sources
  • AND... How to do it all virtually

We're going to learn who to invite to a coffee meeting.

You'll see word-for-word scripts for inviting them.

We'll cover what to say and what questions to ask to keep the conversation productive.

And how to follow up effectively afterwards.

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“I feel my comfort level has improved using this technology. And I’m more relaxed talking with others”

Tara M.

“I was a bit nervous doing this for the first time and signing in from India, but it was really exciting and fun learning a lot about people and about virtual meetings.”

Ryan V.

“It was amazing how small the world we live in. I was talking to people from India, Australia, and USA. ”

Ched L.

“I have made big in roads to developing my elevator pitch”

Steve B.

“I have always had inhibition starting a conversation, with your questions, it was very easy for me”

Venky B.

“I think it was great to have a more down to earth approach to it… feels much more comforting / less salesy”

Tyler C.

“You did a terrific job of acquainting a lot of nervous people and helping them get over the “Zoom Phobia.”

Carla T.

“Great ideas for my business thank you”

Colleen C.

“Great networking experience”

Elsa Z.

How it works

This is a very interactive program.

You get at least two chances to meet in small discussion groups.

"I LOVED the questions you gave us for the 2nd break out!" - Jaklyn M.

We go over conversation starters, then you get to use them immediately as you get to know other like-minded business professionals.

"The questions for the second breakout were very helpful, and then to practice them with cool people made it even better" - Mary L.

It's a fun way to network while getting better at networking.



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    Elevator Pitch Examples
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    • Elevator Pitch Examples - Session #1
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    • 39 Pitches in 13 Minutes (start at 14:30)
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    Slides and Chat Logs
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    • Encourage Referrals - Slide Deck
    • Encourage Referrals - Chat Log
    • Interactive Presentations - Slide Deck
    • Interactive Presentations - Chat Log
    • Expand Your Referral Network - Slide Deck
    • Expand Your Referral Network - Chat Log

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