Sep 24 - Icebreakers

Virtual Business Networking Workshop

You have to break the ice several times.

That's the secret to starting conversations.

If your first icebreaker doesn't work, you need another.

And possibly a third.

Yes, it can sometimes take two or three attempts to get a conversation going.

What's the best way to avoid those awkward pauses?

How do you quickly qualify people to see if a conversation is even worthwhile?

Join us for -- ICEBREAKERS!!

You'll learn several different kinds of icebreakers.

Then we break into small discussion groups to practice starting discussions, keeping discussions on track, and noticing when you've had a good discussion.


  • Welcome!
  • Keeping conversations on track
  • Icebreakers (Interactive Small Group Workshop)
  • Group Interaction and Live Coaching
  • Conversation Starters (Interactive Small Group Workshop)
  • Q&A
  • Closing

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Full Fall Schedule

  • Sep 24 -- Icebreakers

  • Oct 15 -- Get Better Referrals

  • Oct 29 -- Conversation Starters (and enders)

  • Nov 11 -- Staying connected after a first meeting


“I feel my comfort level has improved using this technology. And I’m more relaxed talking with others”

Tara M.

“I was a bit nervous doing this for the first time and signing in from India, but it was really exciting and fun learning a lot about people and about virtual meetings.”

Ryan V.

“It was amazing how small the world we live in. I was talking to people from India, Australia, and USA. ”

Ched L.

“I have made big in roads to developing my elevator pitch”

Steve B.

“I have always had inhibition starting a conversation, with your questions, it was very easy for me”

Venky B.

“I think it was great to have a more down to earth approach to it… feels much more comforting / less salesy”

Tyler C.

“You did a terrific job of acquainting a lot of nervous people and helping them get over the “Zoom Phobia.”

Carla T.

“Great ideas for my business thank you”

Colleen C.

“Great networking experience”

Elsa Z.

How it works

This is a very interactive program.

You get at least two chances to meet in small discussion groups.

"I LOVED the questions you gave us for the 2nd break out!" - Jaklyn M.

We go over conversation starters, then you get to use them immediately as you get to know other like-minded business professionals.

"The questions for the second breakout were very helpful, and then to practice them with cool people made it even better" - Mary L.

It's a fun way to network while getting better at networking.

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  • 01
    Live Q&A
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    • Live Q&A - Tues Oct 13 10am ET
    • Q&A 004 LinkedIn for business networking, hiring "professional networkers," should you offer free services, what's the best way to differentiate
    • Q&A 003 Starting (and stopping) conversations, business cards, proving your expertise, and block that metaphor...
    • Q&A 002 who to connect with, why to avoid logical elevator pitches, how to stay motivated, and when are you done...
    • Q&A 001 vanishing referral sources, asking for referrals (not!), networking meetings, chambers of commerce...
  • 02
    Elevator Pitch Skills Lab
    Show details
    • Elevator Pitch Examples - Session #1
    • 39 Pitches in 13 Minutes (start at 14:30)
  • 03
    Most Popular Programs
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    • Networking on a Tight Budget
    • Go Where Your Prospects Aren't
    • What Makes You Unique
    • Getting Great Leads from Bad Events
    • Maximize Your Chamber Membership
  • 04
    Effective Follow Up
    Show details
    • Follow Up Without Being Annoying
    • Measuring Networking Results
    • Prepare, Pitch & Profit Business Networking Strategy Worksheet
  • 05
    How to Remember Names
    Show details
    • Coming Soon!
  • 06
    Give Professional Referrals
    Show details
    • Coming Soon!
  • 07
    Slide Decks and Chat Logs
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    • Encourage Referrals - Slide Deck
    • Encourage Referrals - Chat Log
    • Interactive Presentations - Slide Deck
    • Interactive Presentations - Chat Log
    • Expand Your Referral Network - Slide Deck
    • Expand Your Referral Network - Chat Log

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