Stop Wasting Time at Networking Events

I wasted three years of my life attending networking events, collecting business cards, chasing people who wouldn't return my calls, and thinking that business networking was one big waste of time.

No one ever told me...

It took me years to learn that my Elevator Pitch was all wrong and that my approach to networking events was backwards.

Elevator Pitch

Your Elevator Pitch isn't about you!

It's about your clients.

And it's about starting conversations with people who are like or who know people who are like your best clients.

Since 2006 I have honed my process so that in one hour I can write your:

  • Unique and memorable 30-Second Elevator Pitch
  • Clear and concise answer to "What do you do"

So that's what we do first!

We get on a one hour call. For the first 30 minutes I ask you six questions. They're easy and fun to answer, and they help me get to know you and the kind of work you do. Then in the next 30 minutes you peer over my shoulder as I write your 30-Second Elevator Pitch and Answer to "What do you do." I do the writing. You make sure it's fun to say, easy to memorize, and most importantly: sounds like you!

Now it's time to give it a try...

Networking Events

I thought I was attending networking events to look for prospects.

Except... that's prospecting. Not networking!

I always say, if you happen to meet a prospect at a networking event:

  2. set up a SALES MEETING with the prospect
  3. then go back to networking WITH OTHER PEOPLE

You sell to prospects.

You network with non prospects.

Over 30 days I show you how.

You get unlimited 30-minute phone calls with me.

We do a Business Networking Assessment to make sure you're choosing the right events and following up effectively.

I'll share practical strategies you can use immediately to discover the hidden opportunities in your network (even if you don't think you know that many people).

And we'll work on setting up networking meetings. What are those? Exactly. This is the best kept secret in all of networking. The work of networking happens outside the networking events, in coffee meetings. I'll help you pick the right people for follow up, and I have word-for-word scripts you use to set up the meetings and start the conversation.


Here's what you get

Unique and Memorable 30-Second Elevator Pitch
Clear and Concise Answer to "What do you do"
1-Month Unlimited 30-Minute Business Networking Coaching Calls
Unlimited Lifetime Access to Business Networking Roadmap
Unlimited Lifetime Access to Elevator Pitch Handbook (PDF)
Unlimited Lifetime Access to Elevator Pitch Workshop

Business Networking Toolkit